COMMON NAME : daisy, lawn daisy, bruisewort

FAMILY  :        Asteraceae    (Daisy family)

HABIT / GROWING  :    Common native ground covering plant especially in lawns.

PARTS USED  :        Leaves (externally) or flowerheads (internally & externally) possibly also root.


Traditionally used as an external treatment for wounds, bruises, swellings (including tumours) and all manner of aches and pains and internally for fevers, inflammatory liver disease, arthritis and rheumatism. Appears to have fallen out of use around 1800.

Now possible uses include an alternative to Arnica for bruising and strains without the problems of use on broken skin. Described in a few modern herbals but concentrating on external use for wounds, sprains, bruises, tumours resulting from injury and varicose veins as a vulnerary, anti-inflammatory and haemostatic (stops bleeding) with occasional mention of rheumatism.


·        saponins which may help wound healing

·        flavonoids which improve blood vessel integrity

·        tannins and mucilage – with tonic effect on mucous membranes

·        essential oils or resins with anti-inflammatory action