LATIN NAME :           Vinca minor

COMMON NAME :    Periwinkle

FAMILY:                    Apocynaceae  (Dogbane family)


Not native to UK but widely distributed.

PARTS USED : Aerial parts harvested March – May.


Traditionally a plant of love and fertility but also associated with death.

Increases circulation. Cerebrovascular stimulant. Used to treat cerebral arteriosclerosis – vascular dementia and sequelae of strokes, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, vascular component of headaches, hearing loss due to ageing.

Relaxant yet has a tonic influence on the genital organs.

Astringent – used to treat heavy periods, especially pre-menopausal. Used as a gargle and mouthwash to treat

throat infections and bleeding gums.

A poultice of the crushed leaves can be used for tender and swollen breasts. Externally for nose bleeds, cuts and bruises.


·        Alkaloids, mainly vincamine. Indole alkaloids vinblastine and vincristine used in the clinical treatment of a          

         variety of cancers.

·        Tannins.

·        Flavonoids and other glycosides.